IndustrieWert GmbH offers its clients extensive know-how and professional consulting services. With the expertise gained through over twenty five years of experience as an expert and auctioneer for industry, trade and commerce, and an extensive pool of specialists for best services and excellent results, even in specific areas, sectors or tasks.

Our management and staff have many years of exceptionally wide-ranging experience and have successfully carried out well over 4,000 industrial auctions, plant sales, closures and liquidations. Our database-driven distribution system is used for targeted approach to potential buyers right in the market.

So that we can also maintain our high level of service in the future and meet the demand of our clients for qualified services, our employees regularly take part in training and further training measures. The trust that our employees have built up in all sectors over the years of work through their professional qualifications and ethical conduct forms the basis for the excellent partnership with our clients. Together with you, we develop solutions for the tasks set - competently, efficiently and to your benefit.

Broad sector competence:

  • Automotive & vehicle construction
  • Construction, concrete
  • Office equipment
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical industry
  • Printing & paper
  • EDV/ IT
  • Electronics & electrical engineering
  • Renewable energies
  • Vehicles & handling equipment
  • Forestry & agriculture
  • Wood processing & furniture industry
  • Hotel & catering
  • Plastic manufacturing & processing
  • Circuit boards & FPC
  • Machinery & plant construction
  • Medical & laboratory technology
  • Metal working & processing
  • Food & packaging
  • Shipbuilding & shipyards
  • Forging & casting
  • Steel processing & manufacturing
  • Textile working & textile processing
  • Transport & logistic
  • Tool & mold construction etc.
  • Packaging industry

Certified quality you can rely on

With the highest demands on the quality of our services, as one of the leading industry service providers for valuations and utilisations of movable fixed and current assets, insolvency services and company sales, IndustrieWert GmbH is committed to its clients.

With great conviction, we strive to secure and continuously increase the quality of our services, firmly anchored in the entire team, both in the work processes and the organisation - with the aim of providing professional and high-quality service also in future, thus earning the trust of our clients - to secure our future.

The high quality and expertise of our entire team forms a stable base, which is expanded by means of ongoing advancement and training and supported by providing the best possible technical infrastructure.

With the introduction of a standardised quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001, all core processes have been reviewed, optimised and certified. The quality management system is aimed at achieving the continuous improvement of all relevant processes and is constantly updated.

Out of conviction and a sense of responsibility, as a service provider for insolvency administrators, IndustrieWert GmbH is committed to the “Principles of Proper Insolvency Administration” (Grundsätze ordnungsgemäßer Insolvenzverwaltung, GOI) of the VID, Verband Insolvenzverwalter Deutschlands eV (Registered Association of lnsolvency Administrators).

As part of the economic performance chain, we see the introduction of measurable quality standards as an important criterion for fulfilling the justified expectations that our clients have of the quality of our services:

  • Certification of the quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001

  • Immediate written order confirmation

  • Opening of separate process escrow accounts to collect the sales proceeds

  • Full transparency and documentation of the process execution up to clearance

  • Immediate pay-out of the sales proceeds and contract-compliant detailed settlement

IndustrieWert GmbH operates as an industrial services provider internationally. 

IndustrieWert GmbH
Dominikanerstr. 40
40545 Düsseldorf